K-Pop group Cravity releases 'New Wave' EP, looks forward to performing in Manila

Rick Olivares

Posted at Sep 28 2022 02:12 AM

With 'New Wave,' the music showcases a mature side of Cravity that was also born out of global lockdown. Handout
With "New Wave," the music showcases a mature side of Cravity that was also born out of global lockdown. Handout

One of the brightest young groups in K-Pop music today, Cravity, is releasing their new extended play single titled, “New Wave” this Tuesday, September 27. And the nine-member band is hoping that as the world opens up more with the pandemic restrictions easing up, they can take their promotions of their new music to the Philippines.

“We have a lot of fans in the Philippines who always invite us to come over,” enthused Allen. “The fans say that the energy they will give us will be unlike anything we experienced. We are looking forward to that.”

After years of lockdown and strict covid-19 restrictions, Cravity – Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, and Seongmin – cannot wait to perform their new songs live and connect with the fans.

“We haven’t had many opportunities to meet fans in person,” added Woobin. “But it keeps us working harder so we will be more well received.”

Cravity has drawn the attention of K-Pop fans all over the world through their strong performances and showcasing a wide spectrum of genres in their full-length albums “The Awakening: Written in the Stars” and “Liberty: In Our Cosmos.” 

With “New Wave,” the music showcases a mature side of the band that was also born out of global lockdown. The quarantine and isolation gave Cravity the impetus to celebrate being alive and their “youth.”

“Cravity,” described Allen, “is like a flower that bloomed through adversity. I would love for people to know that.”

They will through the new music.

The main single from the new EP is “Party Rock” that Allen describes as a mix of the rock music that he likes and the signature K-Pop style. “I listen to a lot of rock music and K-Pop. What you will find is a mix of that for ‘Party Rock.’”

The song was co-written by Allen and Serim.

“Party Rock” is a fun pop/rock dance track that also combines Funk and EDM. Positivity is a perfect word to describe Cravity, and this track radiates positive vibes that only the group can pull off. The combination of the guitars, percussion, and vocal harmonies will make it impossible for listeners to not dance along. The youth of Cravity is encapsulated in this signature track to emit endless energy both sonically and visually. 

“If we can, we would love to write more songs,” added Serim.

“I agree that fans can relate more if we write our own songs,” chimed in Allen. “And hopefully, we will do a full album of our songs in the future. By doing that we get closer to the fans.”

“The passion and energy we bring to our performances and recordings, we want the fans to feel alive with our music,” offered Hyeongjun.

Now, Cravity has an even better opportunity to spread their music as they selected by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism as “overseas ambassadors.”

“It is a big honor,” summed up Allen. “There have been a lot of amazing artists who have received that role. Stepping into their shoes, we do feel the responsibility to spread a positive influence.”

And with “New Wave” and Cravity looking forward to promote their new music with shows and tours, they will get to do just that.