'Drag Race PH: Untucked': Eva Le Queen turns emotional after Rajo Laurel's 'trash' comment

Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 28 2022 05:35 PM

Screenshot from HBO Go.
Screenshot from HBO Go.

MANILA — "Drag Race Philippines" season 1 contestant Eva Le Queen turned emotional after Rajo Laurel's "trash" comment, the "Untucked" episode revealed.

In the seventh episode of the show, the 7 remaining queens had to make an outfit from unconventional materials bought from Divisoria. Laurel said that Eva's look was trash which stirred negative criticisms from the audience. 

"Your presentation was so fun. There was a story, there was a narrative, bentang-benta sa akin. However, this one, I mean we are at this level of the competition, it’s a little bit crafty, it’s sort of like going into that mortal sin of the DIY part of the competition," Laurel said.

"It’s like something that you’d glued on to a body suit and that for me is a mortal sin. What saved you perhaps is your presentation in the luxury department, it was fun, the cheque, the story. It made me laugh, it made me forget this atrocity that is before because for me if you look around you, that’s ugly," he added. 

"And I’m being fierce because I know you can do better and I’m being hard because I have seen what you can do and this is trash."

While taking a glance of herself in the mirror, Eva broke down into tears and said: "Akala ko ready ako... I was trash. I was called a trash."

Precious Paula Nicole tried to comfort her: "Labanan mo ‘yan. Mayroon pa tayong kailangang gawin, mayroon pa tayong chance para bumawi." 

"You are not. It’s just the outfit. It’s the dress, not you," Marina Summers added. 

Eva could not contain her emotions and continued to cry: "I felt so down, I felt so worthless at that moment. I just find it hard to breathe."

After getting comfort from her fellow sisters, Eva tried to calm herself and practiced for her lip-sync battle.

"My sisters were trying to pull me together, no, no, no, you’re not trash. They’re saying that the damit was trash but not you as a person and that’s a good frame of mind for me to cushion the pain na parang Rajo (Laurel) did not say something about me as a person, as an artist," Eva said.

"He was trying to describe the outfit. I have to pull myself together kasi if not it’s gonna be my last night," she added.

Both Eva and Viñas landed at the bottom and performed a lip-sync to "Born Naked" by RuPaul. Viñas was evidently in pain and found it hard to move and Eva got to stay for another week in the competition.

“Drag Race Philippines” airs new episodes Wednesday on Wow Presents Plus, Discovery Plus, and HBO Go, while the “Untucked” episodes air on Fridays.

The Emmy Award-winning original series has featured the talents of Filipino drag queens in the US and several overseas in editions through the years.


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