What Colin Firth did with Elton John's costume in 'Kingsman' sequel

Marie Lozano, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 28 2017 02:27 AM

Warning: The article and video contain spoilers for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle."

Academy award-winning actor Colin Firth has spilled the beans on what he did behind Elton John's back. 

Days after the debut of the spy comedy film "Kingsman: The Golden Circle," Firth, together with other lead stars Taron Egerton and Mark Strong, gamely shared with ABS-CBN News in Seoul, South Korea just what happened both on and off-screen in this gutsy, cartoonishly violent and bodaciously entertaining sequel. 

All three actors agreed that Elton John stole the show but what was more surprising was Firth's revelation. 

He said: "I tried on his costume when he wasn’t looking. We were on the set doing the scene in the bowling alley, and he was wearing those feathers, and when he wasn’t there, the costume was hanging up. I just couldn’t resist it". 

The actor, who plays British superspy Harry Hart, also teased that since the secret is out, he may just have to share the photo. 

However, it seems like it was not only Firth who couldn’t keep his hands away from his co-star's wardrobes. 

Egerton and Strong, who play well-dressed spies Eggsy and Merlin respectively, were quick to confess: "Is it time for us to confess we wore Colin's suits?" 

What Colin Firth did with Elton John's costume in 'Kingsman' sequel 1
Colin Firth stars in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle," which features a cameo from Elton John. Reuters

Matthew Vaughn's over the top sequel to the hit 2015 film may have earned mixed reviews from critics, but it is proving to be popular with fans as the film leads the global box office on its first week, displacing the horror flick "It" from the top spot. 

The "Kingsman" franchise is no stranger to controversial images, as 2015's "Kingsman: The Secret Service" saw the heads of political leaders exploding, including one resembling Barack Obama. However, the British director denied that it was meant as an attack against the then-US president. 

This time around, "Kingsman" alludes to yet another recognizable US leader with a stubborn stand on the war on illegal drugs, but Egerton clarifies that any similarities are purely coincidental, as the film wrapped up before the presidential race was over. 

Firth further dispels any notion that the character is inspired by US President Donald Trump, by sharing a debate their director had about the character. 

"I think we have to just accept sometimes a character is fictional. I can say, that I think, quite sincerely because I know that Matthew Vaughn entertained referencing existing people and decided not to do that. I don’t think he is aimed at anybody specifically. With the war on drugs hitting too close to home for Filipinos," the actor quipped, "I don’t think he’s intended to be your president either." 

Although the spy comedy film has a cartoonish vibe, it is deeply rooted in reality and tackles current social issues. Vaughn, who co-wrote the film, believes these are topics worth discussing, even in the cinematic forum --and his lead stars agree. 

Strong said: "I mean, it’s something very strange that nobody seems to talk about for some reason and we should, we should be talking about it. And if you can do it through the medium of a film like this and have anybody ask a question, then maybe that’s a useful thing, but really, it’s a fantasy."

The "Kingsman" franchise is planned to be a trilogy, and if Harry Hart’s character coming back to life is any indication of how outrageous future plots could be, then would Harry Hart, Eggsy and Merlin want to bring any of the previous films’ other memorable characters back to life? 

All the Kingsman agree, "It would be fun to maybe see Samuel L. Jackson come back and give another go at his plot for world domination. Maybe introduce him and Poppy." 

And with a roster of unconventional, charismatic villains such as Jackson's Richmond Valentine and Julianna Moore's dementedly adorable Poppy Adams, you may just end up rooting for the bad guys.