Can you guess who's this young actress?


Posted at Sep 23 2013 03:56 PM | Updated as of Sep 23 2013 11:57 PM

Fanny Serrano transforms Kiray Celis into a 'diyosa'

Can you guess who's this young actress? 1
Young actress Kiray Celis. Photo by MJ Suayan, taken from Fanny Serrano's Facebook account

MANILA – Hairstylist and makeup artist Fanny Serrano felt for young actress Kiray Celis when many netizens criticized her look at the recently concluded Star Magic Ball.

In a post in his Facebook account on Sunday, Serrano said this made him decide to contact the former child star and make her his new muse.

“When I saw her fotos at the Star Magic Ball at nabasa ang mga panglalait sa image nya on that event as one of the worst dressed stars, i got hurt, kahit hindi kami magkakilala ng personal and i told myself that sobra namang mamintas ang mga tao...personalan na talaga,” Serrano wrote.

“So what i did the next day, i called my kumareng Gina Marissa Tagasa to ask contact numbers of Kiray Celis at dumating naman sa akin ang kanyang personal #. And i texted her kung pwede ko syang tawagan. Nagkausap kami and i felt her unbelievable voice at sobrang excitement when i told that i needed her for a glamorous fashion shoot in one full day,” he added.

Serrano said he enjoyed the make-over sesssion with Celis, whom he described as a very good listener during the entire photo shoot.

“For Kiray Celis effort naman...super ang concentration nya to elongate her neck and stretching her face forward to show her jawline and i taught her the model's bite to emphasize her chin and the model's movement to play with MJ's lens...and THAT'S IT THE ICONIC PHOTOSHOOT OF THE LADY KIRAY,” he said.

Lauding how the young actress used her talent as an actress during the shoot, Serrano said: “She is a very good listener to be able to deliver all the angst of the characters i demanded from her during the shoot! She is an intelligent actress and i am sooo proud that i did her very very first fashion shoot!”

The pictures, which were shot by MJ Suayan, were all posted in Serrano’s Facebook account.

As of writing, the collage titled “Mystified” already has 80 comments, over 640 “likes” and over 220 shares.

Facebook users said they are amazed by Celis’ transformation, with some likening her new look to Paula Abdul.

Below are some of netizens’ comments:

Cecille Sandoval-Rementilla: Such an amazing transformation! I can't believed that with your talent and expertise, you can actually change someone's outlook in life! I'm sure this really helps Kiray to overcome those bullying on her!

Jeannie R. Javier-Malinao: This is what make-up is all about!!! To make one look beautiful if not better, not make one look like a clown. Hats off to Fanny Serrano! So what does the bashers of Kiray have to say now? Ganda!

Gina Marissa Tagasa: She looks like the young Paula Abdul ! Promise!

Fe Carol Sarmiento: Wow! It's so amazing what make-up can do & of course with Fanny's Magic touch, God bless your kind heart!

Jon Mosuela: bravo... truly the work of a gifted artist... kudos to you and to mj for an excellent job...

Jennifer Cortes: What a touching story Fanny! Way to use your gift to uplift someone. Great job to you and your team. Another amazing work!!! God bless you all more.