Fans left mourning over heartbreaking ‘General’s Daughter’ twist


Posted at Sep 12 2019 11:41 PM | Updated as of Sep 13 2019 12:25 AM

This article contains SPOILERS for the September 12, Thursday, episode of 'The General's Daughter'

Fans were left mourning over the latest twist on "The General's Daughter." There were also a lot who were impressed again by Angel Locsin's performance. Dreamscape

MANILA -- How many lives must be sacrificed to achieve a better Philippines? 

As many as needed, apparently, with the latest being some fan-favorite characters from "The General's Daughter" --Elai (Arjo Atayde) and Nanang (Maricel Soriano). 

Did terrorist leader Tiago (Tirso Cruz III) envision himself pointing a gun at a man with autism and a mother mourning the death of her son when he thought of his plan to blow up the country and rebuild it from the ground up --his warped idea of saving Filipinos.

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Killing Elai was necessary, Tiago argued. Elai knew the identity of one of his spies in the military and exposing the link could very well jeopardize his grand scheme.

The other risk to it was aggravating Rhian (Angel Locsin), known to Tiago as "Uno." She was a prized pupil inside his terrorist training camps and he no doubt considers her a huge threat. 

Rhian was close to Nanang and Elai, both of which helped her after being found with little to no memory of who she is. They also instilled in her a vision of life outside all the violence. 

But Elai had to die and Tiago mercilessly pulled the trigger on him after surrounding him with this goons inside a forest. He also killed Nanang, who was kidnapped along with Elai. 

Rhian arrived a tad too late and a heartbreaking scene where she broke down while trying to wake up the two made the show a top trending topic on Twitter worldwide. 

A teaser for the next episode shows that Rhian will look to try and kill Tiago as a result of this. 

Tiago, meanwhile, is still busy pushing through with his plan to bomb the country and kill millions --a reset button, he says.