Kit Thompson still won’t say ‘masasamang words’ in reaction to viral ‘PBB’ video


Posted at Sep 06 2019 01:09 AM


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MANILA—He didn’t then, he still wouldn’t now.

Yes, Kit Thompson is aware that a video of his teenage self crying and trying not to swear has been turned into a meme on social media in recent weeks.

The clip, uploaded on Twitter by user @stacetubeza, came from the 2012 teen edition of “Pinoy Big Brother,” where Thompson, then 15, was one of the housemates.

“Gusto ko sumabog at sabihin ang masasamang . . . mga words,” Thompson, in tears, is seen saying in the video.

The original context of Thompson containing his anger was an open forum between the boys and girls of his batch. They were discussing the resulting friction of a task that had prohibited them from talking to each other.

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Seven years later, however, Thompson’s line about controlling his temper has taken a life of its own, with the Twitter clip being turned into a meme where users attach new meanings to the statement.

Thompson, now 22, fittingly took to social media to give his own take on the meme. This time, his frustration was with the circulation of the video.


“Bakit niyo hinahalungkat mga old videos ko? Gusto ko na magsalita ng masasamang . . . words,” he said in jest, re-enacting his apparent difficulty speaking straight Filipino years prior.