'I simply follow the law': Jake Zyrus feels no need to use a male CR


Posted at Sep 04 2019 07:15 PM | Updated as of Sep 04 2019 09:14 PM

'I simply follow the law': Jake Zyrus feels no need to use a male CR 1
Jake Zyrus said that he uses the female restroom because he respects the law. ABS-CBN PR

MANILA -- Trans man Jake Zyrus has said that he does not feel the need to use a male toilet. 

This, after he was asked during his album launch on Wednesday about the contentious debate over whether trans people should be allowed to use restrooms that align with their gender identities. 

"I used to think that way -- pipilitin ko 'yung sarili ko to go to the male's restroom," the singer, who came out as a trans man only two years ago, told reporters. "But the more that I grow older, the more I realized na not everyone thinks the same." 

He added: "Not everyone believes in the beliefs that you believe in so nagsi-CR ako sa kung saan ako dapat mag-CR. I simply follow the law. I respect the law." 

The topic became a national issue last month when Gretchen Diez, a trans woman, was barred from using a female restroom of a Quezon City mall and was brought to a police station handcuffed. 

The incident sparked fresh outcries for the passing of a bill that would protect members of the LGBTQ+ community from similar acts of discrimination. However, the incident also brought forward concerns over how the bill would take away safe spaces for women. 


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According to Zyrus, the issue is "not about sexuality anymore." 

He explained: "This is not about the CR anymore -- this is about how we are going to treat each other and how we are going to understand each other. This is not just about understanding me, understanding the LGBT community --this is both ways." 

He also argued that people should not push their beliefs on others, and that it is no longer his problem if many would find it awkward that a trans man like him is using a female restroom. 

"I am just following the law because it's what they said, right? Biologically, I am a woman so I follow it." 


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Presented with the idea of a third restroom for trans people or gender-neutral toilets, Zyrus said that he would only approve of it if majority of Filipinos accept it. 

"There are so many problems that we should face a lot more than this. I am more concerned of that. Pabor ako kung mababasa ko sa comments na okay na ang lahat," he said. 

Zyrus was speaking at the launch of his album, "Evolution." 

He shared that the record is "not just about [his] transition, but the 'evolution' of [his] life." 

It is produced by Star Magic and features his 2018 single, "Diamond," an anthem about survival. 

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