Cassy Legaspi panics after getting prank call about Darren Espanto


Posted at Sep 01 2021 01:04 PM

MANILA -- Cassy Legaspi felt like she had a heart attack after her good friends Darren Espanto and AC Bonifacio decided to give her a prank call.

In a video uploaded on Cinema One’s YouTube channel, Espanto and Bonifacio played a joke on Legaspi by telling her that the Kapamilya singer “was rushed.”

“Hello, Cass, did you hear what happened to Darren?" Bonifacio told Legaspi. “Did you hear what happened? He was rushed!”

Obviously clueless and shocked, Legaspi said: “What? He was what?”

Reiterating the prank, Bonifacio said: “He was rushed. Did you hear? Is he not talking to you? Did he not tell you? He called me just now.”

Legaspi then asked Bonifacio if she knows where Espanto is.

To which, Bonifacio responded: “I don't know, he just called me and he said was rushed. I called you. I thought you knew. I don't know what to do.” 

Now panicking, Legaspi said maybe she should text Espanto’s sister Lynelle to ask what happened.

“I wanna do something, but he's all the way in Canada. Oh my God. I'm shaking. Maybe I can text Lynelle,” she said.

It was at this point when Espanto interrupted the prank and said: “No, Cass. We're being rushed sa livestream sa Kumu.”

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While relieved, Legaspi told her friends that the prank call made her run out of the house.

“Dude, I'm shaking. My hands are shaking. I hate you. Dude, I'm tearing off,” she said.

Teasing Espanto, Bonifacio said he better send Legaspi some food for making her panic.

Espanto is known to be close with Legaspi. He has also acknowledged in the past that he finds her pretty.

The singer, however, has been consistent in saying in his past interviews that the two of them are just very good friends and they go around in the same circle.

In fact, Espanto shared that "there’s no awkwardness at all" even though a lot of people are rooting for them to be together.