Remember Melanie Marquez's 'major, major' booboo?


Posted at Aug 27 2010 01:15 AM | Updated as of Aug 27 2010 09:34 AM

MANILA, Philippines - A lot of people have caught the bug of making fun of Miss Universe 4th runner up Venus Raj’s answer in the final question and answer round.

Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez said Venus Raj must have been nervous while on stage because judge William Baldwin is extremely handsome.

"Ang dali ng tanong ‘noh! My biggest mistake is running away from home and finding my way back, hahaha o debah?! Baka na-tense lang siya dahil ang gwapoooo ni William Baldwin,” Marquez said.

The incident made Marquez recall her “major, major” mistake during her 1979 stint.

It can be remembered that when host Eddie Mercado asked her what in her body she wanted to change. Marquez’s answer was: “I like everything about me, I am contented with my long legged.”

Marquez said she will not forget how she answered. She jokingly defended her answer saying that her only mistake was using “legged” instead of “legs”.

On the other hand, Pokwang, who is known for impersonating key people, also made fun of Raj’s answer in her first solo show Endangered Specie.

“My major major mistake was when I asked my mother if I was beautiful and she said no! ... Ah.. Ah.. Interpreter pleeez! Hahaha,” Pokwang teasingly imitated Raj.

In spite of the undying tease Venus Raj is getting, the beauty queen said she does not get offended.

Also, she expressed her support with regards to Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz’s suggestion to get interpreters for future Filipinas to compete in Miss Universe.