Jameson Blake clears relationship status with Elisse


Posted at Aug 14 2019 12:03 PM

Jameson Blake clears relationship status with Elisse 1

MANILA -- Actor and Hashtags member Jameson Blake clarified that he and actress Elisse Joson are not yet officially a couple.

"Kami? Wala kami. Wala pa," Blake told reporters on Tuesday after Cignal Entertainment officially announced that its first title "Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi" will be available on Netflix starting August 21.

Blake made the statement just weeks after he confirmed that he and Joson are dating.

The actor admitted that he would really want his relationship with Joson to go beyond just being good friends.

"I want to. ... (pero) hindi naman kami nagmamadali," he said.

Asked directly if he is courting Joson, Blake said: "Not formally."

"Casual dates. We meet up sometimes. We talk, catch up all the time and checking up on each other. Ayun, just like how really good friends are to each other," Blake added.

When asked what's stopping him from wooing Joson, Blake said: "Well there's this personal issue na lang regarding her and me. I guess that's why people think that we are together but then it's not there to that point."

In the interview, Blake also shared that his friendship with Joson doesn't affect his relationship with fellow Hashtags member Mccoy de Leon, her former love team partner.

"No bro code was broken," Blake stressed.