WATCH: Maja Salvador makes ‘Killer’ comeback on primetime TV

Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 13 2019 01:20 AM

Maja Salvador portrays the titular character in ‘The Killer Bride.’ ABS-CBN/RCD Narratives

MANILA — Maja Salvador made a killer comeback on primetime television Monday with her debut as the titular character in ABS-CBN’s new gothic romance series.

Salvador, whose last teleserye lead role was “Wildflower” in 2018, portrays Camila dela Torre in RCD Narratives’ “The Killer Bride.”

Set in the fictional Las Espadas, the pilot episode introduced the feuding dela Cuesta and dela Torre clans.

Geoff Eigenmann and Maja Salvador portray Vito and Camila, whose forbidden love results in tragic events. ABS-CBN/RCD Narratives

The decades-long conflict, tracing back to the rape of a dela Torre woman in the hands of a dela Cuesta man, manifests in present-day business rivalry, and, in Camila’s case, a forbidden romance.

Secretly in a relationship with Vito dela Cuesta (Geoff Eigenmann), a pregnant Camila is torn between her loyalty to her grandfather, Jacobo (Eddie Gutierrez), and her own future family.

In a scene that reminded viewers why Salvador is a Gawad Urian winner, and which made “Maja” a top trend on Twitter, Camila sides with Vito when forced by her clan to choose between them or a dela Cuesta.

For Jacobo, letting his granddaughter go is history repeating itself. Camila’s father similarly turned his back on the dela Torres for a woman whom they did not favor. Regretting giving his son an ultimatum back then, Jacobo now asks Camila to stay while also allowing her to marry Vito.

The rest of the dela Torres, however, are against tainting their family with the inclusion of a dela Cuesta, with Camila’s uncle, Luciano (Cris Villanueva), turning violent over Jacobo’s compromise.

On the day of her wedding, Camila receives a message which has her rushing to find Vito. In her bridal dress, a panicked Camila arrives at her usual rendezvous spot with Vito, but instead comes face to face with a mystery man with a gun.

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A struggle results in Camila waking bloodied, with a knife in her hand, apparently clueless as to how a dead man ended up just steps away from where she regained consciousness.

Billed as thriller and gothic romance, “The Killer Bride,” at least according to its trailers, will see Camila exacting revenge on those who framed her for the murder. 

One of the central mysteries of the series, the cast previously revealed, is the supposed possession of Emma (Janella Salvador) by Camila to carry out her plans.