'I did not expect it': Michael Pacquiao's Wish bus performance had over 6M views in 5 days


Posted at Aug 10 2020 12:01 PM | Updated as of Aug 10 2020 01:11 PM

MANILA – Michael Pacquiao’s performance of his song “Hate” in the Wish bus has climbed to the third spot of the trending videos on YouTube.

In just five days since it was first uploaded, the video already has more than 6 million views and thousands of positive comments.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News’ Dyan Castillejo, the 18-year-old Pacquiao said this feat is something he did not expect at all.

“I didn’t expect it. I was just really happy to be in the Wish bus and performing there. I didn’t expect that this is gonna be a hit. I just chose the song ‘Hate’ because at least I’ll let that out. I’ll let everyone know that nothing can stop me,” he said.

Pacquiao said his first dream is to really be a professional basketball player but music took over during quarantine.

“I wanted to be in the PBA. I wanted to be in the MPBL. Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamt of being the best player. My inspirations are Kobe, Steph Curry and LeBron. That was my first. I’ve worked hard. But since quarantine happened, it kinda stopped. I kinda felt down by that. But music was there and I have a passion for music,” he said.

According to Pacquiao, his song “Hate” is basically about proving his haters wrong. “When I wrote the song, all I thought about was the people that doubted me, people who didn’t believe in me. I was like I’ll make a song out of this because I have nothing else to write,” he said.

The song is part of Pacquiao’s debut album "Dreams." He is set to drop another song on September 1.

Saying his dad is his motivation, Pacquiao said: "I know my dad’s story. Ever since I was a kid, he worked hard for us. I want to give back to my dad because I love him. I want to work really hard and give back. All that work he put in, I would do the same for him."

Now that more people know of his passion for music, Pacquiao credits his parents for his success.

“I just really thank my mom and dad because ever since, they disciplined us the hardest way possible... They really did discipline us to always pray, to always read the Bible, to always trust God in His mission for you,” he said.

“I just thank them. Because when you’re a kid, you don’t know why they are doing that to you. But it’s because they want you to be the best that I can be as a person and because they love me as well,” he added.

Pacquiao is the second child of Senator Manny Pacquiao and Jinkee Pacquiao. He has four other siblings — Emmanuel, Mary Divine, Queen Elizabeth, and Israel.