'This can't possibly be right': Bela criticizes Grab driver for sharing her address


Posted at Aug 09 2019 07:50 PM | Updated as of Aug 09 2019 10:28 PM


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It's not every day that a celebrity climbs into the backseat of your car.

And sadly, this one Grab driver was so clearly starstruck that he could not resist sharing where Bela Padilla lived -- violating the company's policy about compromising passengers' safety and privacy.

On Twitter, Padilla shared her experience where the driver, which she refrained from naming, announced her address over the "Grab radio."

"This can't possibly be right," she said, tagging the official account of Grab Philippines on the social media site.

A screenshot of Bela Padilla's Twitter complaint about a Grab driver who shared her address. Twitter: @padillabela

It prompted a fast apology from Grab Philippines, claiming that "this incident should not have happened" and promising an investigation.

On an Instagram Live session Padilla held shortly after she tweeted her complaint out, she was asked about what exactly happened by her fans while she was demonstrating make-up products.

She explained that she overheard the driver broadcasting her address over what she presumed to be the Grab radio channel.

She said that it "really upset her" but could not bring herself to speak up for herself and be mad because she admitted that she was not that type of person.

She did say that she asked the driver why he shared her address, but did not reveal what she was told.

"Parang na-sad na lang ako," she told her fans, adding that the incident made her feel unsafe.

Grab Philippines has a strict policy, as seen on its website, about sharing passenger information, including phone numbers, addresses, and pictures.

The act, the company warned, is punishable by law.