Sharon Cuneta underwent surgery in US to improve breathing


Posted at Aug 06 2021 11:54 AM

MANILA -- Veteran actress-singer Sharon Cuneta underwent surgery in United States to fix her deviated septum to improve her breathing.

Cuneta made the revelation in a digital conference for her new movie "The Revirginized," which premiered worldwide on Friday, August 6.

The 55-year-old actress said her deviated septum affected her breathing and forced her to breathe through her mouth. 
"Do you know all my life I lived with deviated septum? My left septum. I want my Sharonians especially to know. The thing was sa recordings ko kung pakikinggan niyo, lalo na later in life, dinig na dinig ang hinga ko after every line nadidinig sa ibang recordings ko," Cuneta said.
"Because I would breathe through my mouth because this one (right nostril) was maluwag and this one (left nostril) was masikip kahit sa swabbing. Kahit my EENT here knew. So when I was in the States, since I already had this (breast) done, sabi ko pa-check ko na nga ito. Do you know that I went to the one of the very best doctors for the nose? When he checked this, I was so shocked with what he said. It wasn't only deviated, there was a bone pa or a cartilage na nakatukod pang ganoon. The word he used was ‘horrible,’" she added.

"The one thing I kept repeating was 'please do not change my nose. I love my nose.' Do not change my nose. Ang dami nang kinita niyan. And he did a great job. Do you know the first thing I said when he removed that thing inside, when I inhaled for the first time with two nostrils, with two straight septums? Sabi ko, 'You mean to tell me all my life this is how all of you have been breathing?' Now, I can breathe," said Cuneta.

"I said, 'Oh my God, I can't imagine how am I going to sing now that I can use both my nostrils.' Because, oh my God, I'm so excited to sing. So you know I am waiting for the chance," she said.

Cuneta also revealed that she will be recording a new album.

"May bago ng album na gagawin, collection ng mga kanta ng isa sa favorite composers ko. Sabihin ko na nga album ni Odette Quesada. Ayaw ko na siyang tago, inaangkin ko na siya. And then we will going to do probably a Christmas album and other stuff," she said.

Cuneta's last album "Megastar" was released in 2018 under Star Records.