LISTEN: Frankie Pangilinan’s first single is produced by Ely Buendia


Posted at Jul 29 2019 03:37 PM


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MANILA – A month after graduating from high school, Frankie Pangilinan released her first single titled “TYL,” which means “true young lovers.”

Pangilinan said she wrote the song sometime last year (“at three in the morning an odd 10 months ago or so armed with nothing but my down-tuned guitar and a semi-broken heart,” in her own words), and it originally featured a raw, slow sound.

But that changed when Ely Buendia, the former frontman of the beloved rock band Eraserheads, came into the picture.

Buendia produced “TYL,” even playing the guitar for the track, Pangilinan’s mother, Sharon Cuneta, revealed.

Noting how her single ended up having a completely new sound, Pangilinan said only Buendia “could ever convince me to go that far out of my comfort zone and do something different.”

“He brought out this power in it that I can’t quite explain,” she said. “It sounds so unapologetically genuine and I’m beyond excited for you to hear it.”

Pangilinan went on to share that working with Buendia is a dream come true for her, referring to the singer-songwriter as her “absolute hero.”

“I know pretty much every Eraserheads song by heart… and when I heard there was a chance I might work with him (Buendia), I burst into tears of joy. I never even thought that I’d get the privilege of working with someone I’ve looked up to for so long,” she said.

On Spotify, “TYL” is listed under an artist named Kakie – Pangilinan’s nickname.

Listen to the track below: