Fumiya to join Yamyam in ‘Big Night’ of ‘PBB: Otso’


Posted at Jul 18 2019 01:23 AM

MANILA—Fumiya Sankai is going to be part of the upcoming "Big Night" of "Pinoy Big Brother: Otso" (PBB). 

The Japanese vlogger, who became a fan-favorite because of his sincerity in learning local culture, humor, positivity, and friendship with fellow housemate Yamyam Gucong, earned his spot through a poll determined on Wednesday's episode. 

Sankai is from the second batch that entered the "PBB" house this season, that also included Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette. 

How it worked was that the reality show posed a series of challenges for the remaining housemates, pitting the finalists from each batch (a total of four) against one another. The winning batch will earn spot in the "Big Night." Fans will then need to vote on who among the members of that particular batch gets the spot. 

Sankai is the fifth housemate to secure a seat in the "Big Night," following Gucong, Lie Reposposa, Ashley del Mundo, and Kiara Takahashi, all of whom did so last Saturday

Being in the "Big Night" means that they are automatically in the running to become the "Big Winner" of this season. 

Three more are set to be determined.