‘Still alive and working, kahit walang franchise’: Kuya Kim dismisses fake news saying he was shot


Posted at Jul 16 2020 09:42 PM

Kuya Kim became a victim of fake news this past week, with a report claiming that he had been shot by a robber. Instagram: @kuyakim_atienza

MANILA -- He trended on Twitter for how he handled the criticisms he received for speaking up against the decision of lawmakers not to grant ABS-CBN's franchise renewal request. 

And this Thursday, it appears "Kuya Kim" Atienza has found himself a bit more attention than he had hoped for once again --this time, because of fake news peddlers claiming he is dying. 

In a Facebook post, the TV host said that he tried to ignore the obvious fake reports, which alleged that he had been shot, but was forced to address them due to the concerned messages he got. 

"Thank you for all who called to check on me," Atienza wrote. "I tried to pass this off and be quiet but my friends and family are worried. I have to address this fake news item now." 

He then added that he is still "very much alive" and "still working," noting that ABS-CBN's "TV Patrol" is still airing, mainly via online outlets, "kahit walang franchise." 

You can check out his post below: