Not qualified? Jimmy Bondoc defends appointment in Pagcor


Posted at Jul 12 2016 10:54 PM


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MANILA - Singer Jimmy Bondoc, the incoming vice president for entertainment for PAGCOR, defended himself on Facebook over criticism regarding his surprise appointment, asking his detractors to give him a chance before deeming him unqualified. 

"I don't mind people questioning the credentials of some of us appointees," Bondoc, a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, wrote on his Facebook page. "However, I would also like to say that Entertainment is God's gift to me. I know it back and forth. But I am also willing to learn much more these coming years."

As an award-winning singer with more than a decade of experience, the "Let Me Be The One" hitmaker vowed to give back to the industry that "served" him. He also promised more livelihood opportunities for local musicians and artists. 

"I want to serve the next generation, hoping I can make conditions better for them," he said, adding that he will never steal money from the government-owned corporation. "If I ever take money or kickbacks and the like, come to my house and cut off my hands," Bondoc said. 

After reports confirmed the appointment of Bondoc, netizens began pointing out his lack of experience as a government official, and claimed that he only got the position because of his decision to openly campaign for Duterte. 

He faces the same criticisms lodged against the likes of comedian Arnell Ignacio and former reporter Kat de Castro, who were appointed by Duterte as the assistant vice president for PAGCOR's Community Relations and Services Department, and Department of Tourism undersecretary, respectively. 

"Guys, I may or may not be the best man for the job, but it's a done deal. Watch me use this money from "gaming" and transform it into awesome shows, livelihood for my beloved musicians and artists, into joy. Just watch, you have my word," Bondoc said.