Fans, kids in tears as 'Ang Probinsyano' 'kills' Cardo


Posted at Jul 10 2018 04:31 PM | Updated as of Jul 10 2018 06:16 PM

Cardo (Coco Martin) was shown to have been gunned down by Marco (JC Santos) in Monday's episode of 'Ang Probinsyano.'  Dreamscape, Official Coco Martin Instagram page

MANILA -- Even before this week, there was already talk about "Ang Probinsyano" nearing its conclusion -- a claim that has since been denied

But as Monday's episode aired, one can't blame its fans for thinking that it may really be ending after Cardo (Coco Martin) was shockingly shown to have been gunned down. If he's dead, what now? 

That question was no doubt in viewers' minds, especially the kids who have grown up to love the hero cop, who was "killed" by one of the current arc's antagonists, Marco (JC Santos). 

Some were even brought to tears by the sudden twist. 

A little recap: Marco is plotting to kill Cardo after learning that he has been keeping Alyana (Yassi Pressman), whom he loves, hidden away. The reason? Cardo wants to win his wife back, who has yet to forgive him for abandoning her before. 

A scene did show Alyana regretting her decision to tell Cardo that she doesn't want to get back together, but before fans could even contemplate about what her hesitation means, it happens. 

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The shocking scene begins with Alyana being woken up by Cardo. He apologizes for his unreasonable actions and promises to bring her back to Manila first thing after breakfast. 

Marco and his small army then pulls up near Cardo's home and starts recklessly unloading their guns at his direction, seemingly uncaring as to whether Alyana would be caught too. A chase scene then ensues, resulting ultimately in Marco shooting Cardo and leaving him for dead in the middle of a hang bridge. 

That's when the action zips back to the moment Alyana wakes up. The visceral vision was just a dream -- and Cardo is still alive. 

The fake out resulted in the show becoming the most-talked about show on Twitter Monday night, as the twist proved a little too much for some viewers. One kid was even brought to tears as Cardo was being gunned down, while others quipped that the show will never end at this rate. 

Check out some of the reactions below: 


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