What's the score between Gretchen, Art Acuña


Posted at Jul 04 2013 08:11 PM | Updated as of Jul 05 2013 06:17 AM

What's the score between Gretchen, Art Acuña 1Art Acuña and Gretchen Barretto. Composite photo

MANILA, Philippines -- No, they aren't dating.

"It made us both laugh actually," actor Art Acuña said of rumors romantically linking him with socialite-actress Gretchen Barretto, his co-star in the independent film "The Diplomat Hotel."

The award-winning actor was speaking at the sidelines of a press conference held Thursday for the 9th edition of the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, where his film with Barretto will be competing.

Previously, the two co-starred in the ABS-CBN series "Princess and I."

Referring to the actress, who is in a long-term relationship with businessman Antonio "Tony Boy" Cojuanco, Acuña said, "We're friends, but we also understand that people like to read stuff."

"Media is media. Every bit of news is going to be news, whether you like or not. You're in the public eye, you're an entertainer. Those things are going to happen. You just smile at it, there's no truth to it anyway," he said.

Acuña added that he and Barretto are, in fact, "good friends," as he is with Cojuangco. "There's nothing going on between us, but we are good friends. We like having a drink together. Tony Boy is a friend of mine. It's all in good fun."

Asked if the rumor about him and Barretto has made them more cautious when going out together, the actor said, "It shouldn't affect you. Why would it?"

On Cherie

Meanwhile, Acuña was also asked to react on a comment made by actress Cherie Gil on his wardrobe during the 36th Gawad Urian Awards held last month. At the formal event, Gil was heard telling Acuña to "get a stylist next time."

The actor, who was named Best Supporting Actor at the ceremony, wore a white long-sleeved polo shirt paired with denim jeans.

Acuña on Thursday explained that he had just transferred to a new apartment, and still hadn't moved all his belongings, including his clothes, at the time.

"In the Urian, I know they like to dress up, so at least a sports jacket. Wala, hanap ako nang hanap. I got no sports jacket, I got one good shirt. See, I'm wearing the same pants then that i'm wearing now, the maong!"

"So I went. Natawa ako dun sa sinabi niya. That's my reaction. 'Oh god! Nahalata niya!' It was funny. I found it really funny," he said.

He added that he was not offended by Gil's quip. "No, it's alright. Cherie Gil is funny. I haven't seen her yet, but if I do, I'm going to laugh just remembering what she said."

Asked if he is willing to work with the veteran actress in a future project, Acuña said, "That would be great. I think she's terrific!"