Child star Xia Vigor encourages young girls to embrace their natural beauty


Posted at Jul 02 2020 02:15 PM

MANILA – Xia Vigor just turned 11 last month but she already knows how to be an inspiration to young girls.

On Instagram, the child star spoke about how a person should “take the challenge to be ourselves in a society that is trying to make us like everyone else.”

“I realized we can never please everyone whatever we look anyway. I'm just hoping we can learn to appreciate beauty in its most natural form,” she said.

Hoping she could apply this to herself as well, Vigor said: “I won't be pressured to be the beauty that society is dictating us to be!”


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While she likes it when she gets dolled up for photo shoots, Vigor said it is her hope that she is not sending the wrong message to young kids.

“Those are just illusions and not reality,” she stated before using the hashtags #LovingMyImperfections, #IndividualityMatters and #YoureBeautifulJustTheWayYouAre.

Vigor’s most recent project was the Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Miracle in Cell No. 7," a local remake of the South Korean film.

Vigor is also the first-ever child ambassador of Save the Children Philippines.