Why is Paulo Avelino trending on Twitter?


Posted at Jul 02 2019 03:29 PM


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MANILA – Filipino netizens are having a field day on Twitter as the normally quiet Paulo Avelino has been hilariously responding to messages from fans.

The actor’s name became a top trending local topic on Twitter on Tuesday as he dished out one funny remark after another, reacting to mostly flirty comments addressed to him.

“How do you like me este your coffee?” one fan asked, to which Avelino replied, in all caps, “BOLD.”

Another Twitter user asked Avelino to flirt with her instead, prompting the actor to playfully respond with: “Bilang ano? Boypren mo? Asawa mo? Laruan mo?”

Meanwhile, fans went crazy after Avelino replied with a simple “lam mo na” when asked what he wants to do during the rainy season.

Here are more of the actor’s humorous Twitter posts:

Avelino is currently part of the ABS-CBN primetime series “The General’s Daughter” starring Angel Locsin.

He is also gearing up for “Fan Girl,” a movie project with director Antoinette Jadaone.