Chesca Garcia confirms Jennylyn Mercado is not welcome at her wedding


Posted at Jun 29 2008 10:18 PM | Updated as of Jun 30 2008 06:18 AM

Actress, model and TV host Chesca Garcia confirmed that actress Jennylyn Mercado (ex-grilfriend and mother of her brother Patrick's child) is not invited to her wedding on October 9, even as she dismissed rumors that her brother faked his departure to the United States.

As the rumor goes, Patrick wants to pretend he's abroad so he could flee his responsibilities as a father to the child Jennylyn is carrying.

Chesca told The Buzz on Sunday that Jennylyn has made it very clear that she has no longer wants to have anything to do with Patrick and, as his sister, she sees no point in inviting the actress.

A couple of weeks ago, actor Patrick Garcia left for the US for a time-off from all the intrigues and controversies with ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado who is due to give birth in September.

During Chesca Garcia's last interview with, she revealed to that it was their dad's decision to send Patrick to the US. The vacation came at a good time, since his latest TV outing just ended and he really wanted to go back to school.

But a few days ago, rumors began spreading around that there are no outstanding records of Patrick's US departure. immediately told Chesca about the rumors via text message.

Chesca just laughed off the rumors, saying that she cannot believe that people would actually make a big deal out of this issue, which she finds so shallow.

She's surprised that other would really jeopardize their lives and minds, thinking and worrying about Patrick's whereabouts. "They should just leave him alone." she ended.

Chesca has stood by her brother throughout this ordeal and said that one good thing about Patrick is that he never said anything bad against anybody. She's proud of Patrick even though he's been ruined and bruised so many times.

Patrick won't be coming back to the country anytime soon, but he's slated to be here just in time for Chesca's big wedding with fiance' basketball-player Doug Kramer on October 9. With a report from The Buzz and MJ Felipe