PBB Big Winner James Reid on his victory: I'm still in shock

by Bernie Franco, ABS-CBN.com

Posted at Jun 28 2010 11:37 AM | Updated as of Jun 28 2010 07:46 PM

MANILA, Philippines – James Reid on Sunday admitted that he was still shocked that he was declared Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Clash 2010.

“I’m still in shock,” Reid said during his live interview on “The Buzz.”

Having recently recovered from a respiratory ailment, which almost got him evicted, Reid admitted that he got worried while he was recuperating inside the PBB house.

“I was worried that I couldn’t come back [to the PBB house], but when I didn’t [get evicted] I was happy. I still feel that it was unfair for the housemates because I was just lying in bed and I couldn’t do any task,” he said.

PBB Big Winner James Reid on his victory: I'm still in shock 1


He also understands why some of the housemates wanted him out of the house.

“Actually, 3 people told Big Brother that I should leave the house but I don’t know who they are,” the Aussie hottie said.

It would be recalled that when Reid was bedridden for days, Big Brother had asked the remaining housemates if he should leave the house or not. Devon, Jenny, and Fretzie felt it was time for Reid to go. However, the majority of the housemates wanted him to stay.

Just the same, Reid said he would not take it against the three because “I did feel it was unfair for them.”

Meanwhile, he said he wants to give showbiz a shot now that PBB is over.

“I’d like to try it, just to experience more as much as I can,” he said.

He adds that among the girls linked to him—Tricia Santos, Anne Li, and Devon Seron—he likes Li the most because he believes she has the coolest personality.

When asked to say a message to all the fans who supported and voted for him, he said: “Thank you to everyone who supported [me], who kept me in the house. I wouldn’t have learned the lessons I’ve learned, I wouldn’t have gone this far, thank you everyone.”