WATCH: Claudia Barretto interviews youngest sister Erich


Posted at Jun 18 2020 11:45 AM

MANILA – Erich Barretto, the youngest child of Marjorie Barretto, looks like she has what it takes to also be in the spotlight one day.

This after Erich joined her sister Claudia for the third episode of the latter’s YouTube vlog.

In the 10-minute clip, Claudia asked Erich about what’s keeping her busy during the quarantine period.

“When it’s school days, it would be like school. Before my Zooms, I would eat my food. When I’m done with some of my work, when I need help, I need to call my tutor,” Erich delightfully shared.

While saying it’s sometimes stressful in school, Erich said she has to bear it because she knows it is important.

She also agreed that although schooling during the lockdown is hard, it is still fun sometimes.

“Sometimes we can do fun activities. I needed to do PE with you and that was so fun. And then I did an experiment, it was about cookies. So after, I ate all the cookies,” Erich told Claudia.

Aside from school, Claudia also asked her younger sister to describe her relationship with each of her sisters.

As for Dani and Julia, Erich said: “When Dani comes, we can play together with Millie. When Millie cries, I can support her. [With Julia, we enjoy] baking and having fun. [We bake] some yummy cookies and sometimes we would bake donuts. It tastes like Krispy Kreme.”

Meanwhile, Erich said she enjoys swimming and watching movies with Claudia when they are at home.

Of course, the vlog would not be complete without the youngest Barretto talking about their mom Marjorie.

“Sometimes we fight, sometimes we don’t. Tonight we are going to sleep in her room. I wanted to make a surprise for her but I couldn’t do it because she already saw,” she shared.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Erich said she appreciated the fact that her mom would always bring her to school even if it meant she would wake up early on weekdays.

“I really felt bad that she couldn’t sleep too much but she wanted to do it for me. She would even buy for me surprise merienda and I love it. Sometimes we would go to Shangri-La and eat some yummy cookies and hot chocolate and croissants,” she said.

Erich is Marjorie’s daughter with former Caloocan City mayor and former congressman Enrico “Recom” Echiverri.

Watch Erich and Claudia’s adorable interview below.

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