'Never get emotionally involved': MOMOL rules to remember in iWant's 'MOMOL Nights' trailer


Posted at Jun 18 2019 04:52 PM

Kim Molina and Kit Thompson star in iWant's upcoming original movie 'MOMOL Nights.' Dreamscape Digital

MANILA — Getting involved with someone for MOMOL, or "makeout-makeout lang," can be a slippery slope when it comes to emotional attachment — a reminder shown in the trailer for an iWant full-length original.

"MOMOL Nights" centers on a woman, portrayed by Kim Molina, who tries to move on from a failed relationship through MOMOL leading to one-night stands.

But first she enlists her friends' help to establish the rules of MOMOL: be MOMOL-ready, make sure your partrner is of legal age, don't sleep with cheaters.


A successful prospect, played by Kit Thompson, teaches her a fourth rule, or the so-called "golden rule": never get emotionally involved.

However, the opposite happens, putting Molina's character in a confusing situation where she expects post-MOMOL communication, gets jealous, and ultimately yearns for affection.

Co-produced by Dreamscape Digital and Lonewolf Films, the Benedict Mique-directed "MOMOL Nights" will be available for streaming on iWant starting June 29.


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