‘It’s not a secret’: Raymund Marasigan confirms ‘Minsan’ was never about Eraserheads


Posted at May 31 2021 06:05 PM | Updated as of May 31 2021 06:37 PM

‘It’s not a secret’: Raymund Marasigan confirms ‘Minsan’ was never about Eraserheads 1
The Eraserheads disbanded in 2002 with Ely Buendia’s departure, but reunited for a number of appearances over the years, including this endorsement of a telecom brand in 2016. FILE

MANILA — Raymund Marasigan is aware that the Eraserheads hit, “Minsan,” long thought by fans to be about the friendship that birthed the iconic band, pertained to Ely Buendia’s other relationships during his college days.

In his YouTube vlog released on Sunday, Marasigan spoke at length about Buendia’s earlier statements claiming the members of Eraserheads “were never friends.”

Buendia made the remark about his former band mates — which also included Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro — as he revealed what actually inspired him to pen “Minsan.”

“That song is actually about my actual friends, the friends that were with me during my stay at Kalayaan. It wasn’t about the Eraserheads; it was about my friends,” Buendia said, referring to Kalayaan Residence Hall in the University of the Philippines Diliman.

While the other three Eraserheads members did stay at the same dormitory, and founded the band during their time there, Marasigan pointed out that Buendia was from a different batch, ahead by a year.

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“So he was talking about those guys who I know din. Those are the people he talked about in ‘Minsan.’ I’m sorry if I’m breaking hearts,” he said.

Marasigan also agreed with Buendia that they did not form “close” ties, despite being the Eraserheads for 13 years until they disbanded in 2002.

“In this age of social media, if you check for the past 10 years, 20 years our feeds as individuals, you will easily see who we were hanging out with. It’s not a secret ever since,” Marasigan explained.

“But I consider everybody my friend in the band… And that we are not close, I’m also aware of that,” he said.

Marasigan illustrated their current relationships by sharing that while they do have each other’s numbers, “We don’t text each other.”

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He clarified that there was no animosity among them, but did recall that they hardly spend time together outside of their work commitments.

“I do respect them, and I think we all wanted to make things work together. We’re just not close. Yes, after the show, we had drinks, celebrate, but that’s it,” he said.

Marasigan’s own recollection aligned with Buendia’s. The latter earlier said that, indeed, they rarely, if at all, shared a round of drinks just for leisure.

In the aftermath of Buendia’s candid revelation about his band mates, many long-time Eraserheads fans expressed their “heartbreak” over what they long believed to be the deep bond that fueled the music.

But Buendia, standing by his words, reminded those who grew up with the Eraserheads, “The music is all that matters.”