What really led to the Eraserheads' break-up?


Posted at May 30 2021 03:17 AM | Updated as of May 30 2021 07:18 AM

What really led to the Eraserheads' break-up? 1

Following Ely Buendia's revelation about the Eraserheads' song "Minsan," many netizens have been intrigued by the singer's relationship with his former bandmates.

Buendia dropped the bomb when he said the song really wasn't about friendship within the band. He shocked the public even more when he revealed he wasn't close to any of the former E-Heads.

“What fans didn’t know, what the public didn’t know [is] we were never — okay, I don’t want to break any hearts again… We were never close, we were never friends, as in tight friends. That’s why we broke up,” he said in a recent episode of the Spotify podcast “Wake Up with Jim & Saab.”

But how was Buendia really back then as one of the Eraserheads?

In a 2020 MYX documentary "Gusto Mo Bang Sumama?", bassist Buddy Zabala said Buendia is talented but silent.

"Ely is very introspective and much like a lot of songwriters, hindi masyadong makwento. Keeps to himself, really quiet," said Zabala.

However, Buenda was able to churn out hits, writing song after song. "Ang pinakaprolific is Ely. He usually came in and biglang, 'Uy may kanta ako.' (We were like) 'Uy ang ganda nyan a,'" he said. 

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In the same documentary, drummer Raimund Marasigan, who was rumored to have butted heads with their former frontman, agreed. 

"Si Ely, ever since, tahimik e. He would always come up with a song, lahat halos last-minute. Sasabihin namin magrecord tayo ng album, tawagan namin si Robin (Rivera) 'yung producer, may guidelines si Robin may parameters, hindi nasusundan ni Ely most of the time," he said.

"Pero 'pag dumating siya, nandun na yung mga kanta, maganda na agad."

Robin Rivera, who saw how the band grew in 13 years, said the band members apparently outgrew each other and thus had to part ways. He also clarified that the tension wasn't all between Marasigan and Buendia.

"There were more tension than just that. It's like a barkada e. For a long time, Ely and Marcus lived together and they were always arguing with each other," said Rivera in the MYX documentary. 

"Ely had a flashpoint much earlier, (after) which he wanted to just have nothing to do anymore with the band."

Zabala was the one who tried to keep the peace within the band.

But the end came in 2002 when Buendia texted his bandmates with the message, "It's time to graduate." 

"I tried, though, talking to all of them, tried to work it out," said Zabala. 

"I was always in the middle, tried to get people to talk to each other. It wasn't really going to work. Si Ely didn't want to talk about it."

But Buendia clarified that it took a while before they broke up, and it was not as heated as fans may have in mind. 

"There was an incident then one thing led to another... then parang sige, quits na tayo," he said in the MYX documentary. 

"Pinagiisipan mo talaga when and how we could do it... We can't sit down and say quits na tayo. When the moment came na parang convinced ka na sa sarili mo.. I just decided, it was spontaneous."

Zabala said the Eraserheads' demise became inevitable because they were no longer happy with each other. 

"People would say creative differences, sometimes it's personal differences. This is a mixture of both. May friction na kasi sa banda," he said.

"We have the music to keep us together. Two albums before the last one, medyo nawala na ang connection e. 'Yung direction iba na, hindi na masaya."


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