Aiko Melendez denies she has broken up with boyfriend


Posted at May 18 2020 01:24 PM


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MANILA -- Aiko Melendez on Monday finally addressed rumors that she and her boyfriend, Subic Vice-Governor Jay Khonghun have broken up.

In a statement sent to entertainment site PEP, Melendez said she has avoided to talking about her relationship “because I needed time to think and just pause for a bit.”

“Every relationship has its highs and lows, VG Jay Khonghun and I are not perfect, it may seem and look like it, but just like any ordinary couple we go through tough times and challenges, too,” she told PEP.

"But because we choose to stay together and fight for what we have, we are still together till now,” she added.

Melendez then went on to thank those who prayed for them, although she may not have been able to respond to each of them yet.

Melendez is hoping her statement will finally “put an end to the speculations that we are no longer together.”

"You know what they say, 'Love wins!' Thanks, guys! Now is the time to be positive in fighting COVID-19 and holding on to something that is special," she said.