'No makeup, no glam team': Yassi bares 'rawest version of me' as she turns 24


Posted at May 15 2019 10:22 PM | Updated as of May 15 2019 10:53 PM

MANILA — "Ang Probinsyano" actress Yassi Pressman shared a glimpse of the "rawest version" of herself as she expressed gratitude to her fans on the occasion of her birthday.


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On Instagram on Wednesday, Pressman shared a photo of her bare-faced while at the beach, describing herself in the snap as her "most vulnerable and most unlatched."

"No makeup, no glam team, no stylist. Just plain me," she wrote.

Pressman, who turned 24 on May 11, had a double reason to celebrate: her birthday coincided with her Instagram crossing the 6-million follower milestone.

"Salamat at pinili niyong maging kabilang ako sa mga taong gusto ninyong makita. I may not have the best feed, but that isn't the most important thing to me, 'cause I want my page to be like my public diary that I choose to share with you," she said.

Pressman joined showbiz as early as 2006, but only recently hit a stride in starring roles, including as the leading lady in "Ang Probinsyano."

Since her 2016 inclusion in the top-rating series, Pressman has become more visible as an endorser, and has courted a wider range of fans.

Pressman has also branched out from acting. She is considered one of local showbiz's top dancers, and has ventured into recording and being a published author.

"Thanks for choosing this mess of my pets, my family, my friends, my craziness, my adventures, my work trips, my amazing fans I meet all around, and most of all, thanks for allowing me share my most emotional self with you all," she went on.

"Mahal ko kayo! Sana kahit papaano napapa-smile ko rin kayo. Salamat."