LOOK: Edward Barber has a geeky birthday message for Maymay


Posted at May 07 2019 12:30 PM


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MANILA -- Edward Barber referenced the anime "One-Punch Man" for his birthday message to love team partner Maymay Entrata, who turned 22 on Monday, May 6.

"We’re like Genos and Saitama. In a world full of crazy, monsters and dragon-level threats, I’d follow you anywhere, train and grow with you but most importantly, I’ll always treat you like you’re S-Class Rank 1. Happy birthday, May. Everyday is a dream with you," he wrote on Instagram, using the #22yearsButStillActing12.

Barber and Entrata started as housemates on "Pinoy Big Brother." Currently, they are starring in "Hiwaga ng Kambat" with Grae Fernandez and Chantal Videla.