Andi: Albie abused me physically, verbally


Posted at May 06 2012 09:06 PM | Updated as of May 07 2012 06:27 PM

Andi: Albie abused me physically, verbally 1
Andi Eigenmann in an exclusive interview with “The Buzz” aired on Sunday, May 6, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – After keeping her silence about her past relationship with actor Albie Casiño, actress Andi Eigenmann dropped a bomb on Sunday when she revealed that her former boyfriend used to abuse her physically and verbally when they were still together.

In an exclusive interview with “The Buzz” aired on Sunday, Eigenmann cried when she recalled how Casiño beat her up when she went to his house and told him about their baby.

“It was not necessarily the day na we found out because we tried and tried to check if it was really confirmed. This was around the time that our friend AJ passed away. Medyo naging cold na po kasi siya sa akin but since I was doing this alone, kailangan ko pa rin po siya kasi siya po ang daddy ng anak ko. Nung time po na iyon, siya ang boyfriend ko. Alam po niya iyon," Eigenmann told "The Buzz" host Boy Abunda.

“I went to his house, pagdating ko pa lang pinapauwi na po niya ako. He doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. He was being mean, verbally abusing me. Because he was verbally abusing me, I slapped him. Because I slapped him, he got mad at me, grabbed me by the collar, hit me against the rock wall in his garage and smacked me eight times until I went down on the floor,” she narrated.

After what happened, Eigenmann Casiño went inside their house to ask his mom to send her home.

“I tried to talk to his mom properly and tell her na ‘Tita please listen to me. He just hurt me.’ Hindi niya po ako pinakinggan. Nung sinabi ko po na binugbog po ako ni Albie, sinabi niya dati tinanong ko na iyan sa iyo,” she said.

Eigenmann shared her mom Jaclyn Jose had once tried to call Casiño’s mom to tell about how he abused her.

“I denied it kasi po nung time na iyon, kami pa po ni Albie at ayaw ko pong mapahamak siya,” she said.

Threats to ruin career

But Eigenmann further revealed that it was not the only time that Casiño had beaten her up.

“He hit me at the Star Magic ball. My friends saw it. He always accuses me of doing things that I don’t do like cheating,” she said.

Aside from this, Eigenmann said Casiño threatened that he will ruin her career.

“When he said on [social networking site] Formspring that I cheated on him with 10 boys because he wanted to deny the fact that he beat me up, I called him right away and asked him why he had to do that. At the beginning he said sorry and that he’s gonna take it back as long as he gets to get an interview," she said.

“Pero binawi niya po tapos sinabi niya na I’m going to lie and lie until I die. ‘I don’t care. You have to be ruined.’ Sisirain niya raw ang career ko. Hindi raw siya papayag na I’d go further. He’s higher than me daw because he was the bida in ‘Mara Clara.’ Those were his last words,” she said.

Eigenmann also revealed that Casiño asked her not to agree to get a DNA test because he would be disowned by his family if they found out.

"I was all game for it but Albie said sorry to me for everything and told me, 'No matter what happens, kahit anong mangyari, huwag kang papayag na magpa-DNA test kay Mama kasi kapag nalaman ni Mama at ni Papa na sa akin siya, idi-disown nila ako and you know how much I love my family,'" she said.

"Tinatawagan po niya ako. Sa akin okay lang. Iyon lang ang hinihintay ko. Mag-sorry ka, own up to your mistakes... Nung nalaman po ni Albie na my parents declined it, wala na. Ganun na po ulit siya," she said.

Eigenmann, however, admitted that there was still a part of her that was hoping that Casiño would call her during her pregnancy.

“Opo [umasa ako]. Not because mahal ko po siya unlike what people think. It was because of my baby. It was because I couldn’t believe na I fell in love with a person na ganun. Ganoon siya ka-heartless. I don’t want to tell Eli that her dad hates her, that her dad wanted her to die. I don’t want to have to do that,” she said.

Eigenmann said Casiño’s family even tried to pay for her hospital bills.

“They never talked to me. All I know is they tried to pay for my hospital bills thinking that if they paid for it, I’d forgive them. I don’t think they know I know that, but I do. If they really want us to be okay, a fruitcake would have been better, not paying for hospital bills. What do they think I look like? A gold digger? I work for myself,” she said.

No regrets

Despite all that has happened, Eigenmann told Abunda that she does not regret having loved Casiño because he is still the father of her baby.

“Kung hindi ko po siya minahal, wala po si Eli. And even if Eli is his, I wouldn’t want to have my life any other way. I don’t care, I don’t have any regrets because we were happy too once. He was my best friend. I don’t regret the fact that I fell in love with him. I just wonder what happened to him,” she said.

Asked if she has already moved on, Eigenmann said: “Everyone who doesn’t like me thinks that I’m this way because I haven’t moved one up to now. Tito Boy I had a boyfriend while I was pregnant. Someone else owned up to it.

“Sana po maintindihan po nila ako. I’m not saying that Albie is a bad person. I just wanted to finally for once tell the truth,” she said.

Eigenmann also said her heart only has one prayer after everything that happened.

“Sana po tumigil na po sila. Wala po akong ginagawa sa kanila. Lahat po ng mga nangyari sa akin, nangyari dahil sa kung paano nila ako trinato. My only prayer is that they’d learn to understand that this should just be left, be over. If they don’t want to meet Eli, if they don’t want to ever accept Eli as part of their family, so be it. But that doesn’t mean that they have to ruin me also,” she said.

Eigenmman said every time she sees Casiño “I’ll never forget what he did to me. That's how much damaged he caused.”