Xian Gaza asks out another celeb, this time with 'Avengers' movie poster


Posted at Apr 24 2018 07:04 PM


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Xian Gaza, who made headlines in 2017 after asking out "The Blood Sisters" star Erich Gonzales with a billboard ad in Manila, is at it again.

Gonzales, it can be recalled, ultimately declined that coffee date, saying she was discouraged by the "exposés" about the self-proclaimed millionaire CEO -- among them, that he "scammed" the family of another actress, Ella Cruz.


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Just two weeks ago, on April 12, Gaza was arrested by Malabon police over an investment scam, or for violating the Anti-Bouncing Checks Law. He was released on bail a day later.

Undeterred, Gaza hasn't stopped posting updates, apparently intended to be funny, on his social media pages. One such post, which is now going viral, is another date request to a female celebrity.


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Gaza is now asking out former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Myrtle Sarrosa. Though not as extravagant as his billboard ad for Gonzales, Gaza rode on the popularity of the upcoming "Avengers" film, editing its poster to include his and Sarrosa's face.


In its caption, he wrote: "I don't know how to say this but you know what, I crush you. Myrtle Sarrosa, will you watch Avengers Infinity War with me? . . . P.S. Sorry hindi ko na afford ipabillboard pa ‘to, nyeamumulubi na kasi me."

It's unclear if Gaza is serious with the gesture. 


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Going by the caption, however, what's apparent is he's taken in stride the mockery he received during the episode with Gonzales. "Nyeam," his expression that made him the subject of jokes, is now a term he uses deliberately for humor, and is even now a print-on merchandise he started.

As of writing, Sarrosa has yet to respond to Gaza.


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