Derek Ramsay’s friend recalls how actor defended him in school


Posted at Apr 20 2022 06:20 PM

Derek Ramsay IG

Derek Ramsay took to Instagram to share a heartwarming reconnection between him and his friend in England, who recalled his kindness during their college days.

In a screenshot posted by Ramsay, his friend Chuck from Cheltenham College slid into his DM to express his gratitude for standing up for him when he got attacked by a group of people. 

“Hey Derek, not sure if you remember me from Cheltenham College but we were in the same house, Boyne. You helped me out a lot and stood up for me and when I got attacked by 8-10 people with hockey sticks in the courtyard,” Chuck said.

“Long time ago of course, but sending thanks all the same,” he added.

This made Ramsay’s day as he thanked his friend for reconnecting and hearing that he is also doing well. 

According to Chuck, he will not forget how kind Ramsay was to him.

“I really remembered how kind you were to me, at a time I was small and afraid at times. It has stuck with me all these years. And now I’m a dad I respect it even more,” Chuck added. 

Ramsay is now married to actress Ellen Adarna. They tied the knot in Bagac, Bataan last November, nine months after they confirmed their relationship to the public.

In a recent Q&A she conducted on Instagram, Adarna opened up about her plans of having a baby with Ramsay.

"When we are both ready, dai, it will happen. Chill," she said in response to a fan. Ramsay, for his part, earlier said he wants to have a child with Adarna "probably next year."