Sunshine Cruz still in isolation after 20 days in COVID-19 battle


Posted at Apr 14 2021 10:43 PM

Sunshine Cruz still in isolation after 20 days in COVID-19 battle 1
‘Bagong Umaga’ actress Sunshine Cruz tested positive for COVID-19 on March 27, and remains in isolation, as of April 14. Facebook: Sunshine Braden Cruz

MANILA — Actress Sunshine Cruz revealed on Wednesday her ongoing battle with COVID-19, saying she has been in isolation for 20 days.

In a Facebook post, Cruz said she tested positive on March 27. She did not specify where she had been exposed, or whether she had done contact tracing.

Cruz recalled going through a “denial stage” after receiving her result.

“It took a while for reality to sink in, I thought I would be asymptomatic and would probably just isolate myself for 14 days to make sure that the people at home will be safe as well,” she wrote.

“But here I am still isolated with symptoms after already taking different kinds of strong antibiotics and medicines. It’s my 20th day of isolation and as instructed by my doctor, I still can’t leave my room not unless my symptoms are gone.”

Cruz is in self-quarantine at home, noting she has teenage daughters as well as her household helpers under the same roof.

Addressing her followers, Cruz said, “Covid is real!”

“In my 43 years of existence, I’ve had fever, the flu, and coughs but Covid symptoms can’t be compared to what I’ve experienced before. I am still grateful and blessed that the worst is over,” she said.

Cruz is due for another RT-PCR test on April 15, Thursday. “I am hoping, praying for a negative result. I am positive that I will test negative! Claiming it!” she wrote.

“Stay safe everyone, wear your masks, face shields and keep your distance, let us all do our part in being a solution to this very difficult pandemic we are facing. God bless us all!”