Sunshine Cruz takes break without husband Cesar Montano


Posted at Mar 31 2008 03:57 PM | Updated as of Mar 31 2008 11:57 PM


Actress Sunshine Cruz is leaving the country to take a short break and chill out in Macau without her husband actor Cesar Montano.

"I’m leaving today. I'm going to Macau with mom and my sister," Cruz told in a phone interview.

Cruz added that she is taking a break simply to give herself time to relax and unwind, and that she will definitely be back next week.

"It’s just really a short vacation for me," the actress said.

According to Cruz, she won’t bring her children to Macau with her.

"No. Hindi sila makakasama but they will be staying with their father, Cesar."

After the storm

After the much-publicized rift between Cruz and Montano allegedly because of a teen Brazilian model, it seems that things have simmered down now between the celebrity couple.

"Cool ako ngayon, mas okay na ako ngayon pagkatapos ng nangyari," she said.

But when Cruz was asked about her current relationship with her husband, she refrained from answering and simply said, "No comment muna ako diyan."

Two weeks have passed since teen Brazilian model Mariana del Rio talked about her relationship with Montano in an interview. Del Rio had said that she is glad to hear reports that Cruz was not angry with her anymore.

But when Cruz was asked if she had heard Del Rio's statement, and if it is indeed true that she is not angry anymore, Cruz refused to comment further.

Cruz also said through text message: "Ever since naman I never said that anybody caused whatever problems we have... whatever issue there is, kami lang ni Cesar ang makakaayos. Cesar has been linked to many women for the past eight years that we've been together but I never made any move because it was never the reason. I just want to keep it to myself and resolve whatever needs to be resolved as a family."

Cruz was part of ABS-CBN's television series "Palos." Cruz has worked with her husband in this series, and might work with him again in the same show in the future.