Moira, Ben&Ben's 'Paalam' video continues heartbreaking story about sudden goodbyes


Posted at Mar 26 2020 01:42 AM

MANILA — As a song, Moira dela Torre and Ben&Ben’s “Paalam” was already heartbreaking —dwelling on that pain of being left behind in a relationship without explanations.

So when its music video was released this Wednesday, it was difficult not to expect much from the story the two artists came up with to match this hurt, before one even starts watching.

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Luckily, judging from the reaction from fans, they didn’t disappoint —slyly continuing the story of Dela Torre’s previous music video for “Patawad, Paalam,” about young lovers suddenly parting ways just when one was about to propose marriage. 

“Paalam” again stars JM de Guzman and Anna Luna, though the video this time focuses on the clear regret their characters felt over how their relationship ended. We see one of them slowly realize the mistake, just as the other reluctantly tries to rebuild his life that had just crumbled.

They reunite with a hug in the end, but even that becomes painful to watch when one remembers that they never really got back together via the first video of this apparently three-parter.

We’ll find out the conclusion of just how things unravel between the two, when Dela Torre releases the final chapter, the music video for her song “Patawad,” Thursday.