Carlo Aquino, Eisel Serrano 'cross paths' in 'Love You Long Time' trailer


Posted at Mar 21 2023 03:48 PM

MANILA -- The official trailer for “Love You Long Time” starring Carlo Aquino and Eisel Serrano was finally unveiled on Tuesday.

“In a world full of noise, they found each other’s signal,” the caption of the video reads, teasing the premise of the movie.

As depicted in the two-minute clip, the film revolves around Uly (Aquino) and Ikay (Serrano), who serendipitously “cross paths” through their walkie-talkies, as they share the same frequency.

Over time, they start talking to each other more frequently until they finally decide to meet up.

However, the clip leaves viewers wondering if the two will actually see each other and how their story will unfold.


Directed by JP Habac, “Love You Long Time” is an official entry to the first Summer Metro Manila Film Festival. 

Produced by Studio Three Sixty PH, the movie will be on Philippine cinemas starting April 8.