Claudia Barretto confirms speculation about their ‘little princess’


Posted at Mar 08 2018 01:13 AM | Updated as of Mar 08 2018 01:13 PM


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After more than a week of guesswork from fans, one of Marjorie Barretto's children has finally confirmed speculation about the recently unveiled member of their family. 

Speaking with media on Monday, Claudia, Barretto's daughter with comedian Dennis Padilla, was asked about the little girl her mother posted a photo with on Instagram last week. 

Claudia didn't refute the reporter who referred to the girl as her younger sister, confirming that she is indeed part of the Barrettos. 


We both love the snow so much????????

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She argued that there's nothing wrong with her family's decision to hide her sister, who is 5 she revealed, from the public eye. 

"What if she wants to grow up as a private individual? We don't know what future she wants for herself. And to me, it's normal, not a big deal," she said. 

She also described the love she and her family have for the child as "sincere," before criticizing those who try to twist the introduction negatively.

"[They're] really the person who is negative and who's just trying to bring out bad things out of something that's good," she said. 

Claudia was not asked about the father and his identity. 

It was back in February 26 when Marjorie and her other children, Julia and Dani, first shared photos of the young girl. Marjorie called her "baby," while Julia dubbed her their "little princess." 


Our little princess. ?? Show her all the love she deserves ??

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They said it’s still snowing in Japan... should we go back?

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Isn’t this so cute? The baby needs a hot chocolate break too, from our snowmobile trip.

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