'Heartbroken' Saab Magalona shares devastating news in blog


Posted at Mar 06 2018 12:57 PM

MANILA – Saab Magalona took to her blog to share her heartbreaking story after she and and husband Jim Bacarro lost their baby girl early last month.

In a post on Tuesday, Magalona revealed that her daughter’s twin brother is still fighting for his life at the hospital.

“I’ve stayed silent because I think I’ve been in denial. I thought keeping it to ourselves would make this whole thing unreal,” she wrote, adding that last month, she was in and out of the ICU "and I almost didn’t make it."

"On February 8, we lost our baby girl. Our baby boy is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,” she revealed, adding that her son has already undergone surgery and is thankfully doing much better now.

“So many things happened in the last month. There are so many people we could blame and be angry with, but each time we hold our boy, we think otherwise. He’s been fighting to be part of this world and it’s our responsibility to make it one that is forgiving — one that tries to see the best in other people,” she said.

Amid this ordeal, Magalona is asking for prayers so she, her husband and their son could make it past this trial.

“We are taking it one day at a time, focusing on all the good things we are blessed with. I am still alive, I have a strong and loving husband, and God has shown us so many miracles through our little boy,” she said.

“Publishing this means that this whole thing is real but I can’t keep her a secret for much longer. I need to honor her. She was such a beautiful girl and we believe she gave her life for me and her twin brother.”

She then thanked her family, all the doctors, nurses and the people they have encountered along the way for their encouragement.

“This whole time, we’ve been nervous about bringing children into this scary world and in an instant, our world was turned upside down. Despite this tragedy, we have encountered so many heroes and kind people,” she said. “If you look hard enough, this doesn’t have to be such a scary world after all. I know we’ll make it through.”

Magalona is the daughter of the late OPM icon Francis Magalona. She married Bacarro in Baguio City in 2015.