WATCH: Catriona Gray explains breakup with Clint Bondad


Posted at Feb 23 2019 04:31 AM

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It's difficult to feel good about ending a long-term relationship, but perhaps it's even more awful to stay in one when the love is gone. 

"We just didn't work out," said Catriona Gray, the country's newest Miss Universe winner, when asked about her breakup with model Clint Bondad, her boyfriend for more than six years. 

She did not answer the question if she still loves him, thanking Bondad instead for the time they spent together, and for supporting her when she was going through tough times. 

She also revealed in her interview on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" that their relationship problems did not begin after she won Miss Universe, but even before she competed in it. 

WATCH: Catriona Gray explains breakup with Clint Bondad 1
Catriona Gray said that she and Clint Bondad, whom she has been with for six years, just 'didn't work out.' Instagram

She shared that they were not in talking terms during that time, even when many of his followers saw Bondad passionately cheer her on in Thailand while she was aiming for the crown. 

"It was really tough going through the competition with that happening at the same time but I had to keep reminding myself that this was a once in the lifetime opportunity," Gray said. 

Prodded about the reason for their split, Gray explained that they outgrew each other.

"When you're together for so long and you start off from a very young age, you grow. Whether that be in your personal or in your career --sometimes you just outgrow each other."

"If we're meant to be together, maybe it'd happen in the future but as of right now," she added, shaking her head to indicate no. 

WATCH: Catriona Gray explains breakup with Clint Bondad 2
Catriona Gray revealed that she has no plans to enter a new relationship as Miss Universe. Instagram

She did quell suggestions that she's just going to quickly enter a relationship, saying that she "doesn't feel ready at all." 

She said that she'll be looking to establish an identity of her own person during her reign as Miss Universe. 

"I've never really had the chance --because being in a 6-year relationship from the age of 18, I've never been a young adult, a growing young Christian in that season of single-ness. 

"I think it's really important as an individual because you need to know what you want, who you are."

"Being a Miss Universe for a year is an amazing experience and I just want to be able to grow in that season as Miss Universe."