Curtismith, Leila Alcasid take relationship to next level

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Feb 18 2023 11:50 AM


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MANILA -- Singer-songwriter and rapper Curtismith and his girlfriend Leila Alcasid have taken their nearly five-year relationship to the next level.

Just this pandemic, the couple has decided to live together to make things easier for both of them.

“Both Leila and I decided on that and we really wanted to be together,” Curtismith told ABS-CBN News in the opening of the first Hoka concept store, where he was a guest performer Wednesday afternoon.

“For sure it wasn’t okay with Tito Ogie [Alcasid] when it happened, because it was so sudden during the pandemic,” Curtis explained. “But that was how things turned out.

“Good thing Tito Ogie was open-minded enough to sit down and talk to me to hear the reason we decided to do so.”

OPM icon Alcasid is the dad of Leila, his eldest daughter. 

Curtismith, 29, didn’t have to convince Alcasid why he decided to live in with his eldest daughter, now 25.

“What’s interesting about being in the Philippines, it’s a very different type of mentality. Somewhere in the middle of this pandemic, that was when Leila and I decided to live together.”

However, tying the knot with Leila is not yet in the immediate plans of Curtismith. “I would love to, but I need to make enough money to be able to do so.”
Interestingly, he does not aspire to be as rich as Leila's dad. “Perhaps, I will be 90 years by then,” he smilingly said. “That will be hard.”

What Curtismith discovered when he started living together with Leila, he wanted to do it the rest of his life.

“It’s really just putting the title of being married, I’m still taking my time,” he said.

He never had any problems dealing with Leila’s family, from her dad, her mom Michelle van Eimeren, even her stepmom, Regine Alcasid.

“They were all great, you know that,” Curtismith said. “They’re amazing people. They’re great. I’m very blessed that Leila has very wonderful parents and wonderful family.

Leila’s mom, former Miss Australia van Eimeren, was in the country last January and Curtismith was able to talk to the mom, too.

Curtismith, or Mito Fabie in real life, is the son of award-winning cinematographer Miguel Fabie III and former Mega editor-in-chief Carla Sibal.

“My dad passed away when I was 15 and my mom has lived in the US since I was 17,” Curtismith said. “I am an only child.”

As a musician. Curtismith is now listening to South Korean group New Jeans.

“New Jeans is bringing a new flavor to the K-pop world,” Curtismith maintained.

Leila, meanwhile, is doing graphic design online with a school in Australia. She is also busy with her content creation and finding a way to rebrand lately.

“We’re slowly working on that and trying to see how she can do all that,” he said.

Not surprisingly, the couple also argues occasionally. “But we choose to have formal discussion rather than fight,” Curtismith said. “Thank God, we haven’t had any big fights.

“We try to resolve any disagreements the same day. My rule of thumb is never leave the house in a negative energy.”

Thankfully, Ogie Alcasid never laid down any rules for Curtismith. “It goes without saying that you treat Leila well, always with the best intentions.

“He is a very father figure. I run to him if I have problems in general. Very wise guy. Very funny. Super. I’m trying to learn that from him, but that’s hard to learn.” (Laughed)

Curtismith is now under the B-Side Management of Sham Casepe after he left James Reid’s company, Careless Music.

“I felt like I wasn’t able to express myself much in that environment [Careless Music], so I wanted to do things more for myself. No bad blood,” he stated.

Curtismith was among the celebrity guests who performed in the opening of the first Hoka Concept Store, along with Rica Peralejo, Tim Yap and beauty queen Sarah Carbonell, who even hosted the event.

Curtismith the opening of the first Hoka Concept Store
Curtismith the opening of the first Hoka Concept Store