'Your Face Sounds Familiar': Elha Nympha becomes Dulce


Posted at Feb 18 2017 09:01 PM

Elha Nympha appears to be on a mission to reclaim the top spot in the rankings of "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids." 

After taking a backseat for the past two weeks or so, Nympha on Saturday wowed the judges of the talent contest as she flawlessly mimicked the exhilarating vocals of local pop diva Dulce. 

Nympha excited the judges with her stunning voice, performing Dulce's iconic hit "Ako Ang Nasawi, Ako Ang Nagwagi" for the episode. 

"Lumabas lalo iyong galing mo, iyong laki ng boses mo. That was a wonderful, wonderful performance," Sharon Cuneta, one of the judges alongside Gary Valenciano and Ogie Alcasid, told Nympha. 

Valenciano added that he was impressed that Nympha managed to fully capture Dulce, saying: "I was very moved by your performance and it takes a lot to move me." 

Alcasid said Nympha's performance felt like it belonged on a grander stage. "Finals na ba?" he asked rhetorically. "Hindi ko alam kung mayroon kang capacity na rendahan iyong talent mo, grabe iyong talent mo." 

"You have been blessed with a powerful voice and an acting prowess na ngayon nadi-discover namin. Alam mo rare ka . . . I'm speechless," he added.

As of Saturday, Nympha fell to third place in the show's rankings after occupying the top spot for the first couple of weeks. She is currently in a triple tie with Awra Briguela and Xia Vigor. 

Nympha is now three points behind AC Bonifacio, and a further seven points off the pace set by leader Sam Shoaf. 

Only the top four contestants determined by the show's rankings will move on to the grand finals.