Heart Evangelista doesn't mind getting cosmetic surgery when older


Posted at Feb 10 2021 12:09 PM

MANILA – Heart Evangelista has denied once again that she had cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks.

In her most recent vlog that’s now trending on YouTube, Evangelista reiterated that she never had a nose job or a double eyelid surgery.

“I didn’t, ang kulit. I didn’t nga. I didn’t get it done. It’s not that I have anything against plastic surgery. I’m for it. I have friends that have done it and relatives and I’m super, duper supportive,” she said.

Evangelista said one of the reasons she did not have anything done on her face was because she started really young in showbiz “so I’m so conscious about changing or altering my image.”

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The actress said some things just really do change as a person gets older.

“The collagen, you have less baby fat on your face, your face is more contoured. Also when you lose weight, that changes a lot. There are a lot of ways to change the way you look. Age is one, what you eat, sodium is such a big difference. When you cut that out, the bloating is gone. I really didn’t [get cosmetic surgery],” she said.

Nonetheless, the actress admitted that she has nothing against it. In fact, she does not mind getting one when she’s older.

“I don’t mind getting Botox when I’m older. I don’t mind changing a few things when I’m older. I hope I don’t scar because I scar bad. I’m really for it but I just didn’t have anything done,” she said.

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