Sponge Cola releases K-drama-inspired song 'Siguro Nga'

Rick Olivares

Posted at Jan 04 2021 06:42 PM

Sponge Cola releases K-drama-inspired song 'Siguro Nga' 1
Sponge Cola

MANILA -- Inspiration can strike anywhere. At the best of times. At the worst of times. Or even at the end of a particular K-drama seres.

Sponge Cola vocalist and guitarist Yael Yuzon was watching Korean television series "Start Up" starring Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho, and Kang-Ha-na and was hit by a burst of inspiration that begat their latest single, “Siguro Nga.”

The series, now streaming on Netflix, revolves about a woman who wants to be an IT entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, a man who is her great love, and a man pretending to be that love of her life.

“I was watching Episode 9 – titled ‘Risk’ where the duplicity is exposed – that is an intense episode,” related Yuzon. “And after that, my face aghast at the ending. I was like – what?!”

Yuzon, who began the practice of noodling on his guitar while watching "Start Up," began writing and hammered out a song soon enough.

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“It’s like a reaction paper on the spot. Or an unboxing video,” Yuzon described. “I wanted to get my feelings down on paper and in music right away.”

"In this pandemic, I have become a full-time driver for my wife (television personality and actress Karylle) and when I drive her to work (at ABS-CBN), I get this weird sense of clarity when I reach that area between Nepa-Q Mart and the Kamuning flyover. So when I was alone after that, I was able to think of the song further and when I got home, I finished the demo.”

The rest of Sponge Cola (bassist Gosh Dilay, Armo Armovit on guitars, and Tedmark Cruz on drums) worked on the song before finishing it out in a studio. 

“Siguro Nga” builds on this nuanced character study of a man realizing that he’s lost the love of his life, after spending a great deal of time living a lie to protect the person he’s pining for, from emotional harm and trauma. 

It’s a soaring acoustic number that is propelled by a genuine reverence for empathy and romantic yearning, but never quite reaches a climatic run, arrangements-wise, as it ends on a miserable note, with the subject of the song stuck in a rut, hoping to relive his past to undo his mistakes.

“Hindi kami nagsasabay-sabay ng gusto,” clarified Yuzon if his long-time bandmates are also into K-dramas. “It’s just not their thing. If I am a sinigang na baboy type of guy, the other might be a kare-kare guy.” 

“We’re like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; distinct as can be. We have the technical guy, the party guy, and the angsty guy. Me? I’m Leonardo,” quipped Yuzon.

“I’ve seen a few Korean television series – 'Hyena,' 'The King,' and 'Kingdom' (owing to the fact that I am a fan of 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Walking Dead'). As a viewer, if I like something, I don’t care where it is from. I am not going to necessarily watch the next K-drama series. For me, it’s all about the narrative.”

“Siguro Nga” was recorded at Love One Another studios, and was mixed and mastered by Joey Santos. 

Sponge Cola’s “Siguro Nga” is out now on all digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines.

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