How to have a 'Noche Buena' feast on a budget

MANILA - The holidays are always the best time to reconnect with family. It’s a week of parties, hanging around with cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. It’s putting aside work and catching up with everyone in your life. It also means that there’s a near-constant stream of food, and mentions of dieting (unless for obvious medical reasons) are taboo.

Noche Buena has its origins during the Spanish occupation of the country. It came into being because the friars in the 16th century required their flock to fast until Christmas morning, and since 12 midnight is the morning of the 25th, people would feast before going to bed.

During the holiday season, the prices of many goods and ingredients tend to fluctuate. It is often in favor of “Christmas basket” type items. If you’re looking to fit more on your list, here’s more on how you can do Noche Buena on a budget:

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