Business Mentor: Building a franchise brand that resonates with consumers

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Dec 10 2022 09:04 AM

It may be easy to create valuable products or services, but it can be quite a challenge to cultivate a franchise brand that will "echo" for a long time. 

A business needs to provide products or services that can meet customer needs. A company should aim for success that can last for the next generation to enjoy.

Besides knowing what you are selling, consumers also want to know who you are and what your business stands for. Companies without a clear identity may not enjoy success compared to those who take time to build a strong brand foundation. This is why a company's mission statement and value proposition are as crucial since this will be the basis of how the consumers perceive the company.

Building a franchise brand identity will help the company stand out, which can provide true meaning and authenticity to the products and services. 

Good branding means consumers recognize the products and services and how they have come to rely on them. It means that if a particular company has a strong brand, it is expected that the customer base will increase, which means there will be an increase in loyal customers.

Franchise Branding is more than the colors and logos that we all see. It signifies something of importance which draws customers. No consumer will support a brand they know is connected with something unfavorable or has a negative reputation. In building a solid brand identity, the following will help establish your company as a leader in the market.

Here are things to keep in mind when building your brand.

1. Ability to communicate. This means understanding the company's purpose for society, the environment, or the economy. There are three brand archetypes, which all present opportunities and risks.

a. Activist. This typically leads to a movement that acts on changing certain fundamental aspects of the operation.

b. Advocate. This type supports a particular organization that draws attention to encourage consumers.

c. Educators. As with Tesla, this type invests in product development solutions driven by research and development.

2. Identify how your brand stands out from the competition. You draw attention by letting the market know that you are unique. Develop an image that you can call your own. 

3. The customers should feel your sincerity. All the information you share through social media must be accurate and should stick to what your brand is all about. Customers reach out to companies using various social media platforms and expect to be responded to as honestly and sincerely as possible. Customers react negatively when they feel they are speaking to someone "not human."
4. Consistency is also essential in customers want the company and its products and services to remain the same throughout. Problems arise when employees are unaware of the processes involved that sometimes when customers reach out to call out something that they have experienced, employees may tend to provide varying reasons or solutions. The quality of products and services should be known and not change frequently.
5. Give value to your products and services by carefully knowing how to best appeal to the customers. Other companies offer the same products and services as your company. How you differentiate yourself from others (originality) will define your company's value. This can be done by providing a more competitive price, more personalized customer service, or more informative content that you share across all social media platforms.
As a consumer/customer, here are some questions to help you better understand how to create a brand identity that will make your business stand out.
1.    Which brand is your go-to restaurant if you are a pizza or hamburger lover? 
2.    What inclined you to choose this brand?
3.    How often do you eat these foods?
4.    What has been your experience with them?
5.    Have you influenced others to try them too?

You can create great marketing strategies when you base your tactics on being the consumer. Offer something that you want other brands to offer you as a consumer. Think it through and determine if what you want can be applied to your brand.

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