The 'how-to-be leader'

by Henry S. Tenedero, CPM MDM

Posted at Dec 06 2014 01:29 PM | Updated as of Dec 06 2014 09:29 PM

Henry Tenedero, Director-in-Charge of the National Marketing Conference and the Government and Community Affairs of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA)

(The Business Mentor invited Henry S. Tenedero who is currently the Director-in-Charge of the National Marketing Conference and the Government and Community Affairs of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) as guest columnist.)

MANILA, Philippines - Leaders have been studied throughout history and social psychology. One of the pervading findings of sociologists, historians and social psychologists is that what leadership should be depends largely on the specific situation, the task to be performed and the characteristics of the leader’s followers.

There are three major challenges CEOs are facing, namely: leadership, workforce and relationships. In the turbulent years ahead, the common benchmarks, barometers and milestones will change radically as the times, but the one constant in the middle of the equation is the leader.

While the nature of organizations will without doubt change in the future, as we already see it happening today, the challenging role of a leader remains the same – to create, to build, to maintain, to change – an enduring organization.

The leader is the one who has not mastered the how-to-do skills alone. The leader for today and in the future will be directed on being a how-to-be marketing executive, knowing full well how to develop and enhance quality, character, mind-set, values, principles, and courage to face challenges in the face of global changes.

The “how-to-be” leader is aware that people are the organization’s biggest asset and in word, action, attitude, and relationships he or she manifests this philosophy.

This kind of thinking moves people towards new mindsets. It makes for fluid marketing management. It liberates the human spirit and endeavour.

The “how-to-be” leader creates dispersed and diverse leadership which is capable of unleashing the powered of shared responsibility. The leader mobilizes the people around the mission of the organization, making it withstand the challenging times ahead.

Through a consistent focus on the mission, the “how-to-be” leader orchestrates varies interests to a clear sense of direction and provides the opportunity to find meaning in their work.

The “how-to-be” leader is fully aware that listening, with both ears and heart, to the various stakeholders will be a critical component in focusing on what the customer values in a world of bustling competition.

Everyone in the field will observe closely if business practices of the organizations are consistent with the principles being espoused by the leader. In small or big transactions, the “how-to-be” leader will expressly demonstrate a belief in the worth and dignity of the men and women that make up the organization.

The “how-to-be” leader embraces all those concerned in the corporation, the organization, the workplace, the leadership and the community. They make up the totality of leadership.

Whether he or she works in the private, public, or social sector, he or she values the importance of the lives of men and women who make up the organization, puts high premium to the workplace as it nurtures the furthering of the mission for its people and the community.

The “how-to-be” leader builds a healthy community as dynamically as possible, knowing fully well that a high performing organization cannot exist if it fails its people in an ailing community.

When an organization cuts down its work force, will it be the disheartened or dispirited leader who leads the pack, or will it be a new leader, inspired and guided by vision, principle and values, who establishes trust and unleashes the energy and creativity of the work force.

Remarkable opportunities lie ahead for those who lead enterprises into new heights of community living; a community of strong and cohesive families, healthy children, and work that dignifies the human individual. Futurists are not forecasting good times, yet these are the best of times when leaders will forge new relationships with new mind-sets and visions.

This will take a new breed of leaders – the “how-to-be” leaders who dare envision life and community as a whole, who view work as an excellent opportunity to express everything within great passion, and possess the courage to lead the front on issues, principles, vision, and mission that become the start to live by. Above all, “how-to-be” leaders are leaders who build minds and touch peoples’ hearts!

About the author:

Henry S. Tenedero who is currently the Director-in-Charge of the National Marketing Conference and the Government and Community Affairs of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA). He is the president of the Education For All Development Center and a Council Director of the International Learning Styles Network (ILSN) based in the US, Asia and Scandinavia.

An acknowledged international education and motivational speaker, he took his Master’s Degree in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and studied at the Harvard Graduate School for Professional Education Leaders with focus on Multiple Intelligence. He likewise served as a Visiting Fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Immigration and Policy Research Assistance and at Oxford’s St. Anthony’s College. He is the author of the following educationally inspiring books, namely: Breaking the IQ Myth; Cooking Up a Creative Genius, Super Teacher: Excellent in Teaching; Mindful Ideas: Using Passion and Laughter in Your Presentations; Anak Mo, Henyo! and AHA! I Gotcha!

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