PH internet speed improves after Duterte call: Speedtest


Posted at Oct 18 2017 02:51 PM

MANILA - Internet speeds for both mobile and fixed broadband in the Philippines improved in September, after President Rodrigo Duterte called on telecommunications companies to improve their services, according to industry monitor Speedtest Global.

Average download speed for mobile picked up to 11.95 Mbps in September from 10.47 Mbps in August and 8.18 Mbps in September last year, improving the country's world ranking to 94th from 99th, Speedtest said.

For fixed broadband, average download speed rose to 13.41 Mbps in September from 13.29 Mbps in the previous month and 8.76 Mbps during the same period in 2016. This brought the Philippines world ranking to 88th from 91st."

At these speeds, consumers can download a 1-hour and 40-minute long movie in "less than 10 minutes," Speedtest said.

"The improvement in the Philippines’ Internet speed may be attributed to President Duterte’s repeated calls for telecommunications companies to improve their services," Speedtest said. releases monthly mobile and fixed broadband speeds from "billions" of consumer-initiated speed tests from around the globe.

Iraq had the slowest mobile internet speed while Venezuela, which is embroiled in political and economic upheavals, had the slowest fixed line connection.

Here are the top performing countries according to the Global Speedtext Index in September.

1. Norway - 57.74 mbps
2. Netherlands - 51.92 mbps
3. Hungary - 49.14 mbps
4. Iceland - 48.83 mbps
5. Singapore - 48.82 mbps

Fixed broadband
1. Singapore - 156.67 mbps
2. Hong Kong - 145.75 mbps
3. Iceland - 127.11 mbps
4. South Korea - 121.49 mbps
5. Romania - 98.39 mbps