Business Mentor: A testimony of faith, courage, and perseverance

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Sep 17 2022 09:08 AM

Ricel Mae Veneracion

Ricel Mae Veneracion is a millennial, multi-business owner who started a salon in Quezon City in 2015. She has big dreams for herself and for providing the best for her family. 

She made her salon very unique. She was young and thought that there was more that she could do. With the success of her hair and nail salon, she got interested in trying out other businesses. 

She started with her first food franchise business in Mandaluyong, and she was able to reach ROI in just a few months. With the success of the food business, she could add several more branches.
By 2018, Ms. Veneracion started a more sophisticated nail salon, Luxury Pad Manila, located in Quezon City. The unique concept of the salon gained instant popularity. Fashionable and sophisticated were just some of the characteristics of her salon. Hence, the new salon is said to be "Instagrammable" with its gold, pink, and white interior. 

There was no stopping Ms. Veneracion from growing her business empire. And with the popularity of anything Korean, she opened Go Grill Mart - a Japanese and Korean store that has become a favorite spot for vloggers – another "Instagrammable" place that no one should fail to visit. This business started during the pandemic. 

Ms. Veneracion was not discouraged when the pandemic hit the country. She saw it as an opportunity to create a new business. She must just have the Midas touch that the company had gained popularity in just a few months and was earning well. 

She started to offer the Korean buffet concept online – Go Samgyupsal. And again, people loved the idea of being able to enjoy their Korean food cooked in their homes with enough meat and side dishes that a family would genuinely love. 

This online business paved the way for other food business ideas – Go Takoyaki, and Go Aburi Sushi, all of which became successful as the pandemic forced people to stay indoors and celebrations held at restaurants have become impossible. 

But she was not satisfied with the success of her businesses. Ms. Veneracion again considered creating another company--Luxury Living, an online business that provides luxury home products with sophisticated designs. 

It captured the attention of some well-known celebrities who became regular clients. A few months of being busy with online orders paved the way to a physical store in Pasig.

It all started with having a great idea for a business. While everything was being put in place, looking for the perfect location was the next thing that needed attention. Ms. Veneracion the Timog Area in Quezon City since many people always went there. 

A company's success could not be possible without being at the right location and serving the right target market—people in their early 20s to their late 50s mainly frequent Timog. With the salon and supermarket business, practically anyone can just step into these shops because people love pampering themselves, and of course, the food is necessary. 

The Luxury Pad Living showroom, however, is located in Pasig.
The salon business had to close in compliance with the IATF protocol temporarily. 

However, through online orders, Ms. Veneracion's food business flourished. 

There is nothing more inspiring than to see people who strive to reach success amid trials, most notably during the last two years. Indeed, we have seen many businesses blossom despite the trying times. And this woman has proven that there was no stopping her from reaching her dreams for her family.

I hope that the story of Ms. Veneracion has inspired millennials and aspiring entrepreneurs. Your dream can become a reality if you put your heart and mind into it.

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